2018 Belle Glos Las Alturas Pinot Noir

About the Wine

The Spanish term ‘Las Alturas’ means ‘the heights’, a fitting name for the Belle Glos vineyard located on one of the highest grape-growing benches in the Santa Lucia Highlands. At this elevation, the sunny but very cool climate creates a wine bearing all the hallmarks of this coastal region: robust, expressive, full bodied, and balanced by a firm acidity. Nestled between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the western side of Salinas Valley, Las Alturas benefits from early morning fog which rolls in most days from Monterey Bay then burns off within a few hours. Gusty winds funnel in from the bay throughout the afternoon, moderating the overall temperature and contributing to one of the longest growing seasons in California. The high winds also result in smaller berries with very thick skins, giving us more color concentration. Another attractive characteristic of this vineyard is the low-vigor, free-draining sub-soil made up of a calcareous base underneath a layer of sandy loam. This complements our farming techniques to further reduce our yields per vine and augment the fruit’s intensity.

Tasting Notes

Deep garnet in color with an aromatic medley of black cherry, marionberry, ripe plum and a hint of anise. Dark fruit on the palate with flavors of wild berries, caramelized oak and cacao nibs complemented by subtle notes of vanilla, cedar and a hint of lavender and forest floor. Rich and unrestrained, this wine’s abundant fruit is beautifully balanced by firm acidity and layers of red and black fruit.

Food Pairings

I’d paired this Pinot Noir with grilled salmon or a mushroom and leek risotto.

The Wine Down

Can I just say I love the design of this bottle. The bottle is dipped in red wax, which gives it an elegant look. Not like other bottles, Belle Glos actually thought about the opening process and added a little tip to help you out. This Pinot Noir is medium bodied, smooth and on the dryer end.

You can find this bottle for $45 – $50

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷






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