2017 Elouan Missoulan Wash Reserve Pinot Noir

About the Wine

This beautiful bottle sealed in green wax from Elouan is a light bodied, Oregon Pinot. Deep magenta on the eye, followed by intense and lively aromas of slate, strawberry, blackberry and spice. The supple tannins bring in flavors of blackberry, tobacco and cedar.

Winemaker Notes

The ice age Missoula floods exposed the distinct, volcanic, and marine sedimentary soil of the Northwest corner of Oregon, the foundation of this spectacular terroir. These well drained soils paired with the intensely cool, but sun-drenched summers create Pinot Noir of vibrancy and restraint. At Elouan, they focus on these discrete elements to create a unique Oregon Reserve Pinot Noir.

Food Pairings

This Pinot Noir can be paired with duck cassoulet, rigatoni with chicken in a gorgonzola cream sauce, and sautéed garlic bacon mushrooms.

The Wine Down

This is a great food friendly wine that can be added to your weeknight rotation.

You can find this wine for under $40.00

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷






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