2016 L.A. Cetto Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle de Guadalupe Baja California Mexico

About the Winery

L.A. Cetto was founded in 1928 by a visionary man, by the name of Don Angelo Cetto. Don Angelo was born near Trento, the capital city of Trentino, Italy. He survived the first World War and immigrated to Mexico in 1924. Four years later he was using the skills he had learned in the old country to plant vines in Baja California, the Mexican state south of California.

In 1951, a second generation followed the footsteps of the founder of our company. Mr. Luis Agustín Cetto, who was faithful to the tradition developed by his father, consolidated the brand company in the privileged Valle de Guadalupe, place that gladly welcomed the engineer Camilo Magoni, from Morbegno, Italy, in 1965. This talented winemaker quickly reached maturity and success in winemaking.

The quality characterized by many years rendered its greatest fruits in 1983 when they launched their first L.A. Cetto varietal line, that were soon sought after by the most demanding palates. After years of dedication and dreams fulfilled, in 1983, the third generation of the family joined this task. Luis Alberto Cetto, who entrusts the purpose of reinforcing the growth of the company and strengthen the history of the group, also contributing to the opening of international markets for Mexican wines, while continuing to expand the circle of consumers in our country.

About The Wine

On the eye, a clear bright ruby red. On the nose you get the aroma of hibiscus and red currant, such as plum and raspberry. The palate is well balanced with soft tannin supporting the fruit flavor.

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon.

ALC/VOL 13.5%

Food Pairings

Pair this wine with canapés, soups, pastas, broths, red meat, light dressings, or medium intensity cheeses.

The Wine Down

This is an absolutely incredible wine for the price point. You can find this wine for under $15.00.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷






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