2018 Typesetter Cabernet Sauvignon

About the Wine

This fine Cabernet Sauvignon was created from only very high end, hillside estate winery Cab producers in Calistoga. The wine was produced from three different estate sources and blended together to make a very complex, concentrated and dense wine that is everything you expect in a $100+ bottle from the Napa Valley, because this is what it is.

Tasting Notes

Pronounce notes of ripe blackberries, dark fruit, dark chocolate, wet stones, tobacco and vanilla. Full-bodied, dry with plush tannins, deep fruit and a touch of graphite. Long, velvety finish.

Food Pairings

Cab generally pairs well with grilled meats. However, a full-bodied wine like this one, is the perfect pairing with a rich meal like prime rib. This Cab is also relatively high in it’s alcohol content. It’s aged in oak, lending a range of notes to the glass that often include pepper, tobacco, dark fruit, and vanilla, all of which blend well with the flavors in your meat.

The Wine Down

This cab, whose pedigree would normally call for a much higher price tag can be found for $45.00. It is an excellent choice for your holiday dinners.

You can find this wine for under $45.00

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷






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